Superfan Approved: The 5 Best Marvel Apps to Date

Let’s face it: Marvel movies have taken over the world in recent years.

Between the string of blockbuster movies, toys, merchandise, and games, you’d have to live under a rock not to be in love with these heroes and villains.

And it goes without saying that, with so much great superhero content available out there, the app market is the perfect place to get your Marvel fix.

But which apps win out ahead of the rest? What are the best ways to spend your hard-earned geek budget?

Today, we’ll be rounding out our list of the top five awesome Marvel apps on the market right now.

The Top Five Apps For Marvel Comic Fans

So you’re a Marvel fanboy or girl with a love of comics and a smartphone or device in need of some spandex-clad superhero action?

Well, luckily for you, there is a host of great apps out there to sate your hunger for heroes, villains, and the exciting world that is Marvel.

Marvel Avengers Academy

This might seem like an oddly childish entry into a list of apps for any serious Marvel enthusiast, but hear us out.

Avengers Academy is the gamer’s equivalent of MSG – fast, easy to digest, and utterly addicting. Control teenage versions of almost the entire Marvel superhero catalog, as they go about their day-to-day lives. Earn rewards, discover secrets straight from the comics, and try, desperately to tear yourself away from this game to do other things.

Pro-tip: you won’t be able to.


Our second app stands out from the others on this list in that it’s not a game. But what it is is an essential repository for any comic lover worth their salt.

ComixOlogy is a cloud-based comic book distribution platform and reader, for mobile as well as desktop. Download and read from a comprehensive lineup of classic and contemporary Marvel comic books. Take them with you and access them, easily, wherever you are.

If Marvel comics are your thing, you need ComixOlogy on your smartphone.

Marvel Future Fight

Create a squad from some of the Marvel Universe’s biggest and brightest superhero names. Then take to the streets to fight through huge swaths of henchmen, bad guys, bosses and environments, taken straight from the comics.

Whether single player or in a group, you’ll experience the power of a complete roster of Marvel superheroes, in one of the best Marvel games around.

Spider-Man Unlimited

For those in the mood for simpler rewards, endless runners have a stake in the Marvel mobile empire, as well.

Swing and battle your way through the streets of New York as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, in this gorgeous Android / iOS game.

Fight the Sinister Six, and take back your city, one web at a time.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Finally, we take a look at the beat-em-up Marvel extravaganza that is Contest of Champions.

Test your wits in one-on-one battles between classic, modern, and limited edition Marvel characters. Whether you’re going Hulk vs Wolverine, or Venom vs VenomPool, if it’s a grudge match you’re after, this is where you’ll find it.

Get The Best Marvel Apps Around, Today

If you’re a Marvel comics superfan, congratulations – the app market is going to take care of you. There are more amazing Marvel comics apps available now than ever before, and new ones are being released every day.

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