How to Make Money Online

Whether you’re looking to supplement your day job or just need the flexibility of working remotely, it’s easier than ever to make money from home online. Here are the best ways to make money online.

Here are several ways to make money from the comfort of home without ever leaving your computer or phone.

Test Websites

Companies hire contractors to test their new sites by opening each page to make sure it is a user-friendly experience. You may download software, click on some links and share feedback with the site owner. Sites like User Test pay per site reviewed via voice and screen recording.

Search Engine Evaluator

Complicated algorithms used by search engines may be advanced, but they are not 100% accurate. Companies will hire independent contractors to evaluate results to make sure they’re relevant to the search terms. Pay is usually anywhere from $12 – $15 per hour and hours are flexible.

Online Tutoring

With a rise in online classes, virtual tutors are becoming more common. Duties may include helping answer questions, clarifying notes and helping students by editing papers. Some companies may have minimum educational background requirements and passing examinations, but sites like allow for flexible hours and fulfilling work.

Customer Service Representative

More and more companies like Amazon are turning to work from home employees to staff their customer service open positions. Some companies offer both part-time and full-time opportunities to allow flexibility if this is supplemental to your day job or to work around a student’s class schedule.

Get paid to shop with Ebates

If you’re going to shop anyway, may as well make it worth your while. Shopping through Ebates provides cash back rewards for buying many of the things you normally would. They get a commission for referring customers and share part of that with you.

Sell Your Skills on Fiverr

Although services are generally offered for $5, Fiverr can add up once you build a client base. Whether you’re a writer, interpreter, designer, or other creative genius, it takes minutes to set up your profile, create a bio and offer your services to their audience.

Write an eBook

Self-publishing eBooks has become easier than ever thanks to platforms like Apple’s iTunes Connect or Amazon Kindle. If you have a way with words and the ability to share a story or can explain difficult concepts, write an eBook. Write, market, and sell it all from home.

Create an App

This may be for the more technically inclined, but it’s a great way to create passive income from home. As a smartphone user, think of something missing in the market and create it! Developing the app may take time or money upfront, but has great financial potential.

Sell Professional Services on Upwork

For more intensive or skilled projects, try platforms like Upwork to find a more discerning audience. Choose the jobs and clients you’d like to work with and get paid online through their invoicing process. interested in freelance work, this is a great place to start.

Build Your Own Blog

Monetizing a blog is not something that is done overnight. It takes time and effort to build your audience and fuel momentum. But if you love to write and have a creative niche, let your voice be heard and get creative with affiliates, advertising and branding.

Don’t Need it? eBay it!

We all have that corner filled with things we no longer use. Why not make money off those no-longer needed items by listing them on eBay? Do a quick search to price like-items, take a photo, list and sell! Or, let eBay do the work.

Sell Photos

If you’ve a knack for taking great photos, you can make money by selling them to sites such as Shutterstock. You retain the copyright and get paid each time your photo is downloaded. Cellphones have such great cameras now you may as well put them to good use.

Open an Etsy shop

If you’re crafty or artsy, and know what sells, put your talents to use! Open your own online shop through a resource like Etsy and share your creativity with the world. Etsy will collect a small fee but it creates a global marketplace for your crafts.

Be a Professional Question Answerer

Have expertise in a professional field? Sign up with websites like JustAnswer to provide answers to all sorts of questions. A dedication to customer service and expert knowledge is generally required for any subject. For most companies, you must be at least 18 years old.

Writing for Other Sites

If you’re a skilled writer and can craft blog posts, articles, or sales-related content, selling your work to other sites can be an easy way to make money from home. Sites like Freedom With Writing send out email lists of writing jobs and magazines that pay.

Data Entry from Home

If you have a computer and a secure internet connection, you can use platforms like Upwork to find companies that will pay you to fill in spreadsheets, work on WordPress sites, and perform other simple tasks online. Either hourly or project-based, payment may vary per assignment.

Transcription Services

Can you type quickly and accurately? Can you listen to the same audio repeatedly to make sure you didn’t miss anything? Most companies require you to take a short transcription test prior to working with them. Try TranscribeMe or for newbies, try Transcibe Anywhere for affordable beginner courses.

Translation Services

If you’re multilingual, first of all, congratulations! Companies are always looking for translators and interpreters to help them communicate with their customers. Platforms like Upwork or Gengo connect clients with freelancers who can translate documents. Most companies require a skills test to verify your fluency with each language.

Affiliate Marketing

The good news? You don’t need specific expertise to make money with affiliate marketing. The bad news? You need the right audience to make it work and it’s highly in-demand. The most popular affiliate programs if you have a blog or large social media presence are either Amazon or Apple.

Content Revenue Sharing

If you’re looking to just make a few extra bucks, try writing for revenue sharing sites. These sites share advertising revenue generated by the articles with the writers. It’s a great way to build your portfolio and share content. HubPages is a good site for newbie freelancers.

Video Marketing

Online video marketing has become the go-to way for vloggers to share tutorials and reviews. Companies pay if you have a loyal following on your channel that can drive business to them. Think YouTube or Vimeo channels with consistently updated videos and a focused niche to attract affiliates.

Online Flipping

Rather than flipping houses, opt for online real estate by flipping sites, domains and apps. Buy low and sell high. Find domain names at sites like GoDaddy or HostGator, then sell them at a higher price on sites such as Flippa. Apps and websites are also profitable flips.

Create WordPress Themes

One of the best things about CMS like WordPress is that it is highly customizable. If you are familiar with web design and development, and can create a good-looking design, you can sell premium themes on your own blog or marketplaces such as ThemeForest or Creative Market.

Take Paid Surveys

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to take paid surveys. Companies want feedback and are willing to pay for your honest opinions. More of a supplementary income, try sites like SwagBucks to make a few extra dollars for sharing your two cents worth.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

To improve and supplement affiliate marketing, sign up for Google AdWords and create a campaign. Once your ads appear on Google and customers click them, you earn a commission on resulting sales. For successful campaigns, expect multiple keyword tests and an initial investment to pay per customer click.

Email Marketing

Developing a strong email list is crucial to building your online presence and making money with your website. Don’t just sell to your subscribers, create value for them. Share your own products, sell sponsor ads, get paid to direct them to other sites and review relevant affiliate products.

Create a Membership Site

If you can create value, then you can create semi-reliable monthly income. Your members will want consistent and desirable content that will keep them coming back for more. Try using PayPal to set-up monthly payments and WordPress plugin WishList Member to create a fully-functioning membership site.

Write Reviews

Similar to writing sponsored posts, if you have a blog you can review products that work within your niche and that your audience would be interested in. Most of the time, you also get to try out the products for free. Try websites like PayPerPost to get started.

Sell Sponsored Posts

Rather than ads on your blog, you can sell sponsored posts. This way, you control what’s displayed on your blog and to your audience. Make sure your audience knows whenever a post is sponsored! Helpful tip: Create a simple one-page media kit to share with potential sponsors.

Make Money as a Captioner

If you can type quickly, accurately, and like watching TV, you can work from home as a Captioner. It’s flexible and a fairly easy way to make money online. Caption Colorado and Rev are just two companies that hire freelancers to work with closed captions.

Create a Paid Job Board

If you have a niche audience that would benefit from a job board, you can get paid to create one. Companies will pay to advertise open positions on sites with targeted audiences. For example, ProBlogger is known for creating a job board for professional bloggers.

Get Paid to Advertise Events

That niche audience can once again help you make money online. Create an event calendar and charge to advertise events accessed by target clientele. If you have an industry or locale specific site, a calendar is a great way to add value to your site.

Create and Sell an Online Course

If you are an expert professional or have extensive knowledge in a specific subject, why not share that knowledge with the world? At a price, of course! Sites like Udemy offer online courses on virtually anything and provide flexibility and support for its instructors.

Host a Paid Webinar

Prefer to interact in real-time with live students? Then why not share that same expertise with students in a live paid webinar? Check out GoToWebinar (monthly fee) or WordPress (generally free) to create an online space for your paying participants to interact, learn, and share content.


The great thing about freelancing is that you can do so from anywhere by offering whatever service you want. Whether you’re a top-notch writer or creative web designer, freelancing provides the flexibility most crave that choose to work from home. Check out platforms such as Freelancer to start out.

Become a Consultant

Have expertise in a specific field but don’t want to be stuck in a typical office job? Consultants provide expert advice and strategy to companies without becoming official employees. Advertise your consulting services on your blog or create your very own website to promote your specific services.

Become a Coach

Like the sound of Coach better than consultant? Then try your hand at becoming a Life Coach to provide guidance and accountability for those looking to improve some aspect of their life. Offer one-on-one sessions or group classes to help clients with career, life, relationships, and more.

Develop WordPress Plugins

If you’re technically savvy and know your way around WordPress, you can design and sell plugins. Whether it’s a simple code modification or complete software application, plugins are in high demand by bloggers looking to personalize their sites. You can try selling on sites like Mojo Marketplace.

Ghostwrite Online Content

For those who aren’t concerned with bylines or building portfolios, ghostwriting can be a good way to make extra money. Find work as a freelancer at sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Use different styles and voices to get into the mind of the person you writing for.

Sell Old Books

Those old textbooks taking up much needed space? Type the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) into sites like Bookscouter to connect to reputable online buyback companies. Find the one willing to pay the most, follow their directions and once they receive the book, you’ll receive payment. Done!

Photograph your Receipts

Save money shopping without clipping coupons? It’s true! Ibotta is a free app that lets you take pictures of your receipts and access rebates for things you were going to buy anyway. So shop, upload receipts and get paid. Groceries, clothing, restaurants, online shopping and lots more!

Try Mystery Shopping

Though there are many scams out there, mystery shopping is a legitimate way to make money online. Try companies like BestMark and Mystery Shopper Online Jobs to get started. Pay careful attention to the whole process and report any specifics requested by the person who hired you.

College Admissions Reader

Although onsite training may be required at first, the actual assessments are done online and from home. These positions are available based on each school’s schedule. Readers review freshmen applications to determine if they meet the institution’s admissions requirements and then give feedback based on a score.

Get Paid to Track Your Amazon Purchases

ShopTracker is a free app used by the Harris Poll Online survey panel and the Nielsen Consumer Panel to track purchases on Amazon. They collect data, sell it as market research, and then share a portion with us to improve our shopping experience.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Provide support from a remote location to small businesses, bloggers, busy professionals, and more. Patience, discretion and organizational skills will help in this role. Finding work in a niche you are familiar with will also help. Upwork and Indeed are great places to start your search.

Online Moderator

Moderating message boards and chat rooms to make sure everyone is playing nice and following the rules can be a nice side hustle. Companies like eModeration pay contractors to moderate posts, remove offensive content, and warning rule breakers. Online moderators usually make about $10 – $15 per hour.

Get Paid to Netflix and Tag

The main purpose behind a Netflix Tagger is to appropriately tag content based on genre, age, and rating. Usually part-time, work from home and get paid to watch Netflix. Some positions are specifically for kids’ content so be prepared to watch lots of cartoons.

Proofread Documents

If you can spot mistakes or inconsistencies a mile away, then proofreading documents may be a great way to make extra money. How much you make depends on how quickly and accurately you can proofread a page. Work with an agency or freelance on sites Upwork or Freelancer.

Give Good Advice

If you are the designated yet unofficial therapist of your family and social circle, why not put those skills to use and get paid? Use companies like Ammas to trade advice for rewards. Everything from recipes to relationships, marriage to astrology, find your niche and share away.

Participate in Focus Groups

Though generally done in-person, focus groups also work online. Take surveys to pre-qualify, then answer a bunch of questions from moderators to find out your opinions on a variety of topics, from shopping to finances, food preferences to upcoming purchases on sites like Focus Pointe Global.

Become an Online Book Reviewer

Though most authors prefer unpaid reader reviews, online book reviewers are very helpful and compensated either with free books or cash. Check out Any Subject Books for reviewer opportunities. Compensation is generally on a per-book/project basis and is agreed upon before the job is accepted.

Do Graphic Design

If you are creative and know Photoshop backwards and forwards, then you can find work as an online graphic designer. Check out 99designs to find freelance work in design. Build your portfolio and get exposure for your latest and best designs. Enter digital competitions to win prizes.

Re-write poorly written eBay and Amazon ads

Though this requires you directly contacting the seller, if you see an ad that is so full of typos and grammatical errors it’s sure to turn most people off, reach out and offer to fix it for a small % of the sale.

Provide Technical Support Online

If you’re patient and understand most computer related questions, then why not offer your services online? Register with a site such as Experts Exchange to connect with people who need help with troubleshooting, diagnostics, and much more. Earn free monthly membership by completing small related tasks.

By now, you should have at least one or two ideas of ways you can make money from home. Whether you decide to freelance part-time or go the more traditional route of working remotely for a company, take advantage of PJ Mondays and always being first at the coffee maker.

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